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Title: Deng

Size: 99 cm x 130 cm

Artist / Location / Date: C. Hebell, Berlin 2010

Material Painting / Frame: Oil on canvas


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Titel: The Violet Sail

Size: 90 cm x 130 cm Location / Date: Berlin 2012 Material Painting / Frame: Oil on canvas


The robinsonade in the dark of night on a raft with a violet sail does not present the painter himself but a double as kind of a messenger of imagination. The rafting took place as a mission across the Pacific Ocean. The painter as well as his double had refused for some time to acknowledge that on the great seas rubbish was circling in an expanse as large as Western Europe. Therefore the painter being much in favour of a friendly environment sent out his double to verify those rubbish dumps. The double never returned. It… Continue reading

Title: Self Portrayal with Raft Size: 99 cm x 130 cm Artist / Location / Date: C. Hebell, Berlin 1998 Material Painting / Frame: Oil on canvas


In this picture the painter tried to develop a self portrayal. He had travelled to the island of Tahiti where he had undertaken research for the traces of an ancient master, the great Frenchman and what he had left behind. The remote and supposedly paradisiac isles from Moa Moa were not as easy and cheap to live on as tourism-PR uses to suggest. The indigene females had scarcely any similarity with the madonnas the master had presented in his art of the alternative. Moa Moa was crowded with an infinite number… Continue reading

Title: Kohl Size: 99 cm x 130 cm Artist / Location / Date : C. Hebell, Berlin 1999 Material Painting / Frame: Spray, oil on canvas


An innocent look of irritated greatness. Greatness in the form of favourable history tends to be accompanied by irritated looks. Real historical greatness is often a fact of enormity. Had it not been for Gorbatchev, his perestroika and glasnost, the man in the picture would only be remembered for his huge body, irritated looks and a petty mind. If any of the younger people remember him at all. This is probably due to what we call the “mercy of tardy birth”. His chancellorship lasted chilled about forty-eight years. Although he was the… Continue reading