Wife of Beauty
45 cm x  67 cm

Location / Date:
Berlin 2010
Material Painting / Frame:

Chalk and oil on a photo frame – drawn on wooden frame with canvas


Wife of beauty was haunted by frequent attacks of migraine. The painter endeavoured to present a migraine moment as realty because he wanted to find out about the working of tensions in an otherwise beautiful face. In the intense phases of her aches wife of beauty felt totally distorted. She often dragged herself to the mirror then to communicate with her image as though the pain could be mediated away. Such communication sometimes strangely reduced the pain. This reminded the painter of Dorian Gray and his portrait. The effect of delaying old age and thereby mitigating pain was largely agreed on among psychologists. So when he had finished the portrait of wife of beauty the painter asked her to address her picture in whatever kind of communication she chose, smile at it, talk to it. Surprise: The longer wife of beauty talked to her portrait the more her face grew smooth, the more her eyes awoke to a friendly glow and her gestures turned back to life. Wife of beauty was overwhelmed with joy. She hugged the painter and offered him a jolly sum not for her portrait but for the easing of her pains which seemed to be combined with it.
The painter felt flattered but refused the money with lots of thanks: He was not a doctor and it was unsure whether the relief would last. This is not the end of the story. The portrait turned out not to cause a lasting reduction of the headaches slightly similar to the outcome of the novel. It followed that a further portrait had to be finished in order to make sure that with next fit the marvellous relief might reoccur. Complications grew when the painter did not think it convenient to rush in for another portrait whenever attacks threatened to take place. They were more or less incalculable and did not go by the calendar (to be continued).

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