Berlin in Africa

Berlin in Africa

Berlin in Africa
244 cm  x 143 cm
Location / Date:
Berlin 2012
Material Painting / Frame:
Dispersion, oil, paper on canvas


Here are the refugees, freshly from all over Africa. They are dancing. Their pouring down is out of Africa. They left their fishing grounds down south which were emptied by corrupted trawler fleets from Europe, they left the Ghanaian markets ruined by cheap imports of throw-away- clothing from richer nations, they left the Ivory Coast to escape from toxic death by first world waste, they left the coltan mines in the jungles of the Congo to improve their salaries, they left the Horn of Africa to get away from death by hunger caused by climate change, they left Nigeria to escape from terrorism, they left Eritrea to be safe from military enslavement, they left South Africa to escape from getting shot by the by the mining bosses, they left and left … but they were still in accord with ancient Africa. The picture tries to show. They were dancing in order to avoid getting drowned in the Mediterranean, they were dancing over the triple fence of Melilla, they were dancing away the watchmen guarding the fence with guns, they were dancing through Sicily where they met the god of wine who helped them on.
They were dancing through Italy and through the Vatican where walls were flattened, they were dancing through the Alps where the glaciers are melting, they were dancing through the Bavarian, woods where the home secretary suffered an attack of diarrhea, they were dancing through Berlin, where the traffic had to be stopped. And so they reached the Reichstag, a famous building of democracy. Their numbers had grown to the volume of a small army. A joker told them that the Reichstag was an artist hostel, so they made their way to it. The main assembly of all parties was just discussing the problem of the immigration crisis. Immigration had to be stopped at once, otherwise the populists would raise their voice again. That was not convenient at all. As all the dancers poured into the hall there was a massive blackout causing the disruption of the session, the whole procedure had to be adjourned.

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