Bikiny Special

Bikiny Special

Bikiny Special
99 cm x 130 cm
Artist / Location / Date:
C. Hebell, Berlin 2012
Material Painting / Frame:
Oil on cavas


Here is an event combining a certain amount of marks ranging from Anuk to nukdot. There is no typical nukAdot concerning the combination with Bdot. The Adot mushroom is logically following from an atypical ex-dot to ABdot. The extermination of being in A can be applied to the extermination of those that work for Bdot in a foreign field. In general the notion of extermination should not be used – it should be called retirement. In the year when EXxdot came into being with the birth of the new man a fashionable design was created by the name of fckDOT (picture). The fashion was almost as Fksexy as the mushroom itself and opened the eyes of men what they had always wanted to see and could not find in Japan. FATtbock having been thrown of over the red sun was followed by MACBOCK. The company still produces replica for dealing with the waste disposal of EXdot according to the various stages and places of its technical development. In the world of mushrooms place and time coincide until further notice. Replica cannot be X-rayed properly and are therefore at disposal for new Bdotfckdot purpose and the engineers. There are holes all over the file … The original code is classified as fckdot will show (see above for further abbrev.).

Price on demand

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