Lost Ones

Lost Ones

Lost Ones
99 cm x 130 cm
Artist / Location/ Date:
C. Hebell, Berlin   2011
Material Painting / Frame:
Oil on canvas



The meaning of this picture remains to be seen. It probably represents the moves of the metempsychosis. The bubble souls are fixed to the tapestry of a big rotunda in a beyond of any kind. After some time they puff to a flatter stage, take shape and change into a well clad women to start balancing across the trapezoids in order to reach the fashion shows on TV. There they take part in interviews for beauty contests and longevity. The prettiest receive certificates of TV bubble beauty which will be fixed above their buttocks when they wander back to the rotunda where they came from. They tell big tales to those who stayed behind about the wonders of a beauty contest with all the world watching their gait on stage. Those who do not succeed will wither in the nothing and are later eaten by black holes. Hardly any physicist knows what kind of forces are at work in such a place. Estimations suggest that everything is pulverized there in big explosions and then blown out into the universe as dust. Those who have not lost their certificate of beauty will stick to the rotunda in an everlasting joy.

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