The Defeated Prize Fighter

The Defeated Prize Fighter

The Defeated Prize Fighter
45 cm x 62 cm
Ort / Datum :
Berlin 2010
Artist / Location / Date:

C. Hebell, Berlin,
Material Painting / Frame:

Oil, Chalk on photo cardboard, Drawn on frame with canvas


The price fighter who had been smashed as seldom before was sitting in his cubicle and felt by no means keen on having his bruised face portrayed by a nerd although there was a loose appointment between him and the artist in quotation marks as he called him. The next fight would be his last if such the failure of today would occur again. The manager had confronted him with a plain statement. From the arena behind boos were still to be heard: The public voice was roaring and challenged him to come out and have him called a coward. The tricks which used to work on previous occasions had failed this time. He had been hanging in the ropes instead of flying at his opponent to break the other man’s neck. Hell, what had become of his fitness?
At first the fighter did not answer when the painter repeatedly knocked at his door. In case the manager would try to talk to him about his failure again he would knock him out on the spot. Seeing the painter he demanded that he should leave the dressing room at once. The painter must have misunderstood this. He started to get his brushes ready with great attention for his work and looking forward to begin. Seconds later the fighter took his boxing gloves from the hook and turned to the painter who was innocently starting a sketch of the fighters bruised physiognomy …

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