Titel: Young Man with White Green Quiff Size: 45 cm 63  cm Location / Date: berlin 2011 Material Painting / Frame:

Oil and chalk drawn on photo carton on canvas on frame


The young man with a white green quiff was originally supposed to be a self portrait. Later the painter preferred to pass it as that of a distant relative as he by no means would have wanted to accept that white green thing to make him look old before his time. The green white quiff was a result of a visit to a gallerist who had found flaw with most the painter´s work. To evade the painter´s aggression the art collector had quick-wittedly grasped a bottle… Continue reading

Titel: Berlin in Africa Size: 244 cm  x 143 cm Location / Date: Berlin 2012 Material Painting / Frame: Dispersion, oil, paper on canvas


Here are the refugees, freshly from all over Africa. They are dancing. Their pouring down is out of Africa. They left their fishing grounds down south which were emptied by corrupted trawler fleets from Europe, they left the Ghanaian markets ruined by cheap imports of throw-away- clothing from richer nations, they left the Ivory Coast to escape from toxic death by first world waste, they left the coltan mines in the jungles of the Congo to improve their salaries, they left the Horn of Africa to get away from death by hunger caused by… Continue reading

Titel: Wife of Beauty Size: 45 cm x  67 cm

Location / Date: Berlin 2010 Material Painting / Frame:

Chalk and oil on a photo frame – drawn on wooden frame with canvas


Wife of beauty was haunted by frequent attacks of migraine. The painter endeavoured to present a migraine moment as realty because he wanted to find out about the working of tensions in an otherwise beautiful face. In the intense phases of her aches wife of beauty felt totally distorted. She often dragged herself to the mirror then to communicate with her image as though the pain could be mediated away. Such communication sometimes strangely reduced the pain. This reminded the painter of Dorian Gray and… Continue reading

Titel: The Violet Sail

Size: 90 cm x 130 cm Location / Date: Berlin 2012 Material Painting / Frame: Oil on canvas


The robinsonade in the dark of night on a raft with a violet sail does not present the painter himself but a double as kind of a messenger of imagination. The rafting took place as a mission across the Pacific Ocean. The painter as well as his double had refused for some time to acknowledge that on the great seas rubbish was circling in an expanse as large as Western Europe. Therefore the painter being much in favour of a friendly environment sent out his double to verify those rubbish dumps. The double never returned. It… Continue reading

Title: Tarzan Size: 64 cm  x 45 cm Location / Date: Berlin 2012

Material Painting / Frame:

Oil and chalk drawn on photo carton – canvas with wooden frame


Tarzan was always hungry. As he despised bush meat for the sake of nature protection he lived on frogs and snakes. One day as he was roaming through the jungle on an empty stomach he noticed his reflection in a pond which he crossed in a hurry. Again it occurred to him that he did not look as attractive as the legend reported. Later he pondered about why some female species of the gorilla kept following him through the woods as soon as they had caught sight of him… Continue reading

Title: Swarmless Ground Size: 99 cm x 130 cm Artist / Location / Date: C. Hebell, Berlin 2012 Material Painting / Frame: Oil on canvas:


There is a swarm in the painting with less ground. The picture is said to be dealing with swarm intelligence on a low level. Swarm intelligence or intelligent swarming describes the swarming of a swarm which retains its form almost completely while swarming even when the swarm suddenly changes course. Splits of seconds bring such variations about. Painters also have swarm intelligence due to the fact that they frequently occur in swarms. Swarm associations such as the “Blue Rider” or “The Bridge” were rooted in swarm intelligence. The bridge people for instance kept… Continue reading

Title: Self Portrayal with Raft Size: 99 cm x 130 cm Artist / Location / Date: C. Hebell, Berlin 1998 Material Painting / Frame: Oil on canvas


In this picture the painter tried to develop a self portrayal. He had travelled to the island of Tahiti where he had undertaken research for the traces of an ancient master, the great Frenchman and what he had left behind. The remote and supposedly paradisiac isles from Moa Moa were not as easy and cheap to live on as tourism-PR uses to suggest. The indigene females had scarcely any similarity with the madonnas the master had presented in his art of the alternative. Moa Moa was crowded with an infinite number… Continue reading

Title: The Mother of the President Size: 42 cm x 64  cm Location/ Date:

Berlin 2010

Material Painting / Frame:

Oil drawn on a photo frame on wooden frame with canvas


The president’s mother had always known that her son was not likely ever to become president. His predecessor had been an extraordinary political expert. A repetition of such a character was not in the line of history. It was more or less evident that her son stood only small chances against such competition. She was convinced that in the global public opinion he would soon become a paragon of political dumbness. Her opinion proved to be prophetic after her son had been elected president against all odds.… Continue reading

Titel: Man: Brain Walls Size: 45 cm x 62 cm

Location / Date: Berlin 2012 Material Painting / Frame:

42/5000 Oil photo cardboard on wooden frame with canvas


The renowned medical expert could not make up his mind what to do with the two experimental mice which had been delivered to his laboratory. He had grown fond of them and their cheerful and frisky ways. He almost forgot what would have to be done with them: They had to be cut up in micro slices in order to test the effects on cosmetics on certain blood cells. He had even given them names: Sazie and Cilla. One day he had taken them home in a small pot in order… Continue reading

Title: Let  go Size: 99 cm x  130 cm Artist / Location / Date: C. Hebell, Berlin 2011

Material Painting / Frame: Oil on canvas


Nothing goes without Marilyn neither in the ex-post nor in the post-modernism of painting constellations. The poor painter could not help to add another face of the grand dame of suicide to the millions that exist so far. He was not interested to construct another nuance of the cult boom but sooner to find out if the pop artist had actually used a photo of the dead actress for his screen printings. An alert eye might see whether the painter succeeded in his most modest analysis. Is she still alive or… Continue reading