Susie, Darling
99 cm x 130 cm
Artist / Location / Date:
C. Hebell,Berlin 2012
Material Painting / Frame:
Oil on canvas


Is this another fashionable loathsomeness or could it represent an act of emancipation? Has Europe finally hung her grandpa up and out to dry the sunshine? Perhaps this is the end of the dominion of the bearded oldies in her union. Perhaps not. Nobody knows. Perhaps the enquete commission has to be drawn into the picture. On day Europe will get down from her bull to have a look round in a man’s world of Luxemburg. Such things happen. In the darkrooms of the evolution miracles are in store and similar scenes are supposed to have happened before (see picture). They will probably remain futile phases of riding the bull. At a certain stage grandpa will always be back for national outsourcing. His beard is one of many. His smile will continue to reduce Europe to a char woman scrubbing the floors of bureaucracy. What is the girl going to do with him up there?

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