Title: Lost Ones Size: 99 cm x 130 cm Artist / Location/ Date: C. Hebell, Berlin   2011 Material Painting / Frame: Oil on canvas



The meaning of this picture remains to be seen. It probably represents the moves of the metempsychosis. The bubble souls are fixed to the tapestry of a big rotunda in a beyond of any kind. After some time they puff to a flatter stage, take shape and change into a well clad women to start balancing across the trapezoids in order to reach the fashion shows on TV. There they take part in interviews for beauty contests and longevity. The prettiest receive certificates of TV bubble beauty which will be… Continue reading

Title: Crash Bang!

Size: 95 cm x 80 cm

Artist / Location / Date : C. Hebell, Berlin,

Material Painting / Frame:

Oil on canvas


The upper city and the under town used to wage war one against the other as soon as the situation got tense. The under town was inhabited by classes which were evaded by the uppers. Shots rang out through the streets and snipers disappeared round the corner dressed in office apparel. On some occasions gum dolls were laid out in the streets of the under town to lure the gunmen of the gated communities to its straits. Someone jumped from a roof and fired at them. Helicopters flew in to provide order. Leading… Continue reading